When (and What) Is World AIDS Day?

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There are many different causes that we draw attention to, highlight, and raise awareness for. We often do this by observing different awareness days, weeks, and months. One such observation is World AIDS Day. In this article, we’ll explain when World AIDS Day is and exactly what its purpose is.

When Is World AIDS Day?

World AIDS Day occurs each year on December 1st. It was founded in 1988, as the first cases of HIV were reported in 1981, and the ensuing HIV/AIDS pandemic raged in the 80s. World AIDS Day became the very first global health day and is still observed each year all around the world. Many people show solidarity on World AIDS Day by wearing a red ribbon. But why is the day so important?

Why World AIDS Day Is Important

AIDS is the final—and most severe—stage of HIV infection. Once a person has AIDS, they commonly survive around 3 years without treatment. Since the onset of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, there have been over 80 million people around the world who have contracted HIV, and over 40 million of those individuals have died from HIV. There are currently around 38 million people on the planet living with HIV.

World AIDS Day is important because it serves as a time to raise awareness and educate people about HIV and AIDS, including its risks, how it’s transmitted, how to prevent it, and more. It also serves as a reminder to individuals and governments that the virus has not gone away and is still something that we need to prioritize to improve the situation.

In addition to raising HIV/AIDS awareness, the day also urges people to show their support for people living with HIV and AIDS. This support can involve sharing information about the virus to educate others, donating to organizations that help those with HIV/AIDS, committing to learning more about the virus, taking part in fundraising efforts, and more.

World AIDS Day reminds us how prevalent and dangerous HIV still is, and encourages us to take action in some way. This can be done by getting tested, talking to a healthcare provider about ways to prevent HIV, learning more and educating others, making charitable contributions, and standing in solidarity with those who have HIV or AIDS.

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