The War Against The HIV Epidemic in Maitland, FL

The War Against The HIV Epidemic in Maitland, FL

The government has come up with a possible solution to ending the HIV epidemic and Community Care Resources of FL (CCRSFL) offers this solution, HVPrEP to the Maitland, FL area. We provide counseling services and your visit with us is always confidential.

How to Get HVPrEP Services?

It is easy to get HVPrEP services in Maitland community. Programs are available that will allow you to have PrEP for free (contact our office for availability).  Just follow the steps below and our office can assist you.

  1. Call to schedule an appointment or make an online appointment
  2. Meet the staff
  3. Complete a brief history form and HIPAA forms
  4. Complete an HIV test (5 minutes)
  5. Collect blood send to the lab to check kidney function
  6. Collect urine if you want other STI testing
  7. Meet the provider/counselor during a private consultation
  8. Get your HIV test results
  9. Get your care plan, including HIV PrEP and/or other treatment as needed.

Book An Appointment Today!

To book an appointment call office at 1 (877) 287-2520. A Maitland representative would be glad to assist you.